Roll of Merit and Annual High Point Competition

The Australian Friesian Warmblood Horse Society Inc. runs an annual high point competition. The competition year commences on 1 January and concludes on 31 December of each year.

The 2020 Hi Point winners were divided into Overall State placings due to Covid-19. Overall did see O’Bees Warlords Wish from Queensland, owned by Susan O’Brien bring home the most point. This combination have been very successful in many disciplines, but excelled last year particularly in Harness, resulting in an astounding high score and winning the 2020 hi point. We are also very thankful to Lokenzo Park who have sponsored a National Junior Hi Point award for 2020 and 2021. The winner for 2020 went Lachlan Kennelly, with Friso’s Knight Ryder (who he had leased for the year while starting out with horses)! We are hoping that by including this category it will encourage more of our Junior members to come out and have some fun with their (or the family’s) Friesian Warmblood.

Individual section winners for 2020 were:

Points will only be awarded from the date of your renewal. This date  is registered with the Society each year when you become a member or when your horse was registered. Therefore, if you renew your membership in April, any events you compete in from January – March cannot be counted. Both the horse and the handler/rider must be a current financial member for points to be counted.

Roll of Merit

The AFWHS Inc. Roll of Merit (ROM) is an open ended cumulative award that started in 2015, based on performances listed on your annual High Point card. The ROMs will be awarded in each discipline and as it is a cumulative award, only your four best performances of the year will be recorded in the ROM register.

There are four levels of the ROM as below:

  • Bronze – 150 points
  • Silver – 300 points
  • Gold – 500 points
  • Platinum – 1000 points