Frequently Asked Questions

This document is intended as a guide to answer some questions frequently asked of the Society. If you cannot find your specific query, please email the Society secretary who will arrange for the appropriate person to contact you: secretary@afwhs.com.au

Please note:

PO Box 5620,
Canning Vale South, WA 6155

Can I change the registered name of my horse?2020-07-07T07:07:49+00:00

No.  The AFWHS Inc. does not permit a horse to have its registered name changed on the AFWHS Inc. Register of Horses.  When a horse is registered with the AFWHS Inc. it is registered for life and the registered name cannot be changed.  This has been a very long-established practice of the Society, and historically requests by members to change the name of a horse have been denied.

However, the Society has no jurisdiction over other equestrian registration bodies (e.g. Equestrian Australia) and as such, if the operational rules/by-laws of those bodies allow it, a horse may be registered with them in a name that is different to the name registered with the AFWHS Inc.

How can I join the Committee?2019-03-20T15:13:43+00:00

Each year, around April, the Society holds it’s Annual General Meeting. This is when the committee are appointed for the period of a year. You must be a current financial member if you wish to nominate for any position on the committee.

Information about how to nominate can be found on the Nominations Form. If you would like more information on what the positions entail then please click here.

How can I become involved in the Society?2019-03-20T15:03:38+00:00

The Society welcomes active riding and participant members. The AFWHS Inc. hosts state based events each year as well as sponsoring events at local and state Royal competitions.

Want to become even more involved?
The Society also holds it’s Annual General Meeting around April each year. All members are invited, should they wish to, to nominate in March for the variety of Committee positions. You must be a current member of the year to nominate and your nomination must be supported by a fellow member. Please email secretary@afwhs.com.au should you want more information.

Can I have my own stud prefix added to my horse’s registered name?2018-05-22T08:59:22+00:00

Only current financial members can register a stud prefix/suffix.

To make an application, you need to complete the Application to register a stud prefix/suffix form which is available on the website. There are limitations on the stud names that will be permitted to ensure they are sufficiently unique and do not closely resemble any existing registered stud names. The AFWHS Inc. recommends you provide three preferred stud prefix/suffix’s in the event your first choice is not available.  

  • Complete the Application to register a stud prefix/suffix form
  • Pay the associated fee and provide proof of payment
  • Provide proof of your stud/business with the application (eg business registration certificate/website details/business card)
  • Provide an image of your stud brand (if any)
  • Forward the above completed applications to the society secretary.
My personal details have changed, how do I update my horse’s certificate?2018-05-22T08:58:32+00:00

A replacement certificate can be requested in circumstances where a person’s personal details (name) have changed. The Update of Details Form should be completed and documentary evidence supporting the update should be provided as appropriate (for example a marriage certificate/deed certificate).

I have just purchased a horse and haven’t received the papers, can I still transfer the horse into my name?2018-05-22T08:58:12+00:00

In this situation, you will need to make an application for a duplicate copy of the horse’s certificate by emailing the society secretary (secretary@afwhs.com.au) and explaining the situation, you will need to pay a fee if the secretary approves the provision of the certificate to you. Once you have received a duplicate certificate, you will need to complete the transfer process above, and attach a statutory declaration outlining the circumstances of not having all paperwork and provide proof of your purchase to the society in support of your application for transfer/registration.

I’ve sent my application to register/transfer my horse, when can I compete?2018-05-22T08:57:49+00:00

Due to the high number of applications, the AFWHS Inc. endeavours to process all applications within 60 days. You will need to wait until your registration is accepted prior to competing in any Friesian Warmblood events.

Is it possible to email the applications?2018-05-22T08:57:26+00:00

Unfortunately due to the need for original documents (photos, service certificates etc), all applications for registration must be sent in hard copy.

Where do I send everything?2019-03-20T15:00:13+00:00

All forms and documents should be forwarded to AFWHS Inc. PO Box 5620, Canning Vale South, WA 6155

Due to past issues with Australia Post, the Society recommends the use of registered or tracked postage of original documents.

I would like a pedigree certificate, how do I get one?2019-03-20T15:08:51+00:00

A Pedigree Certificate identifies your horse and it’s origins, including the breeders details, along with the sire and dam lines.

To obtain a Pedigree Certificate, you can include the form and payment, along with your registration application. Alternately, if your horse is already registered then you can still use this form to apply for one at a later date.

I don’t have the stallion service certificate, what do I do?2018-05-22T08:55:38+00:00

You must make all reasonable efforts to obtain the service certificate completed by the stallion owner. If this is not possible, a statutory declaration should be completed by you, detailing the efforts you have made and how you can establish to the AFWHS Inc. the breeding of your horse. As a last resort, DNA testing can be undertaken at your own cost.

I’m not a member, can I register a horse?2018-05-22T08:54:47+00:00

Only current financial members can register a horse. If you are not a member but seeking to join and register a horse, you can complete all necessary forms and send them in to the Society together for processing.