Breed Description

The Friesian Warmblood is a horse that has a minimum of 25% Friesian bloodlines. The balance of the bloodlines can be any other breed.

Based on our registered Friesian Warmbloods, we find that the bloodlines are regularly mixed with Thoroughbred, Andalusian, Arabian, Gypsy Cob, Stockhorse, Morgan, Quarterhorse, Warmblood and Clydesdale. However, they can be of any other combination, including multiple combinations, so long as the minimum 25% Friesian line is maintained.

By their very nature a Friesian Warmblood is a cross breed horse that is bred for:
• Even temperament
• Strength
• Stamina
• Versatility

Friesian Warmbloods are the quintessential all-rounder/sport horse. The Friesian Warmblood is athletic, correctly formed, has a good solid conformation and an even temperament.

The Friesian blood creates beauty, lovely movement, conformation and a “look at me” presence when crossed with other breeds.
A Friesian Warmblood can be any colour, including broken coloured.

The average height is between 15hh and 17hh however due to variation in cross breeding, any height is capable being registered. The build will vary greatly, depending on the Friesian percentage.

Registered Friesian Warmbloods are currently competing successfully in most disciplines including eventing, dressage, show jumping, the show ring, harness, endurance, as well as countless pleasure pursuits. This is a testament to their temperament and versatility.